WoW Blacksmithing Guide

Published: 19th July 2009
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Like all trades and crafts in real life World of Warcraft professions require basic ingredients in order to make finished goods. The Blacksmithing profession requires: Coal, Grinding Stones, Elemental Flux, Strong Flux and Weak Flux. Once you have made the finished goods you can make money by off loading them in the Auction house for gold pieces. You will from time to time need to obtain additional raw items to level up, including: leather, cloth and gem stones. These can be bought from a seller.

Why Should I Become A Blacksmith?

The major advantage of selecting the Blacksmith profession is that you save money because you can produce many of the necessary items needed to carry out your function yourself, without having to spend your hard earned gold at the auction house.

How Do You Become A Blacksmith?

The first thing you need to do once you have made the decision to become a Blacksmith is to get yourself an apprenticeship from a trainer. They are to be found in the nearest city, next to a forge or anvil.

Now that you have been let loose to practice what you have learned you will need to buy a Blacksmith hammer. This must have tool of your profession will serve you well as you level up in WoW. The best place to buy one from is from a vendor, situated near to a Blacksmith trainer.

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It will take time before you start to earn a good income as a Blacksmith because much of your money, will need to be spent on the raw goods needed to make weaponry and other items. Do not let this bother you as you will soon start to recoup your money, once you start to put your skills into practice.

As an alternative many WoW role players decide to combine Blacksmithing with mining, as this allows them to mine their own ore needed for the profession. This combination will save you from having to spend your cash. The problem with this method however is that it can take a while to level the game this way.

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